The EggShell Effect

Joel Holc demonstrates vulnerability around his personal struggles and offers first-hand insight on how you can overcome your own fears, tap into your truth and live a life of confidence and power.
Nicole Jansen
Host of the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast

Typically, we trek through life thinking that we are making decisions and choices freely. What is not present to us is that we are operating principally on the basis of fear. This occurs outside of our awareness, and at a significant cost.


When we operate on the cornerstone of fear, our gravest concern is to create a life of safety and security. But in doing so, we diminish our capacity to live — blindly closing ourselves off from the very essence of life — living and loving freely, and experiencing joy.


In our reaction to fear, we rob ourselves from the experience of freedom and fulfilling our full potential. Fear is contagious and it begets more fear, contributing to the vicious cycle of an already fearful world. For most of my life, I understood none of this.  I was too busy manipulating life, preoccupied with building a protective shell around me, keeping hurt and pain at bay.


Such a thing I refer to as. . .The Eggshell Effect.

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