Get to the source of what it is to be human and the constrained ways of being that we inherited. Through Energy Awareness Coaching, Joel helps people globally discover unprecedented, compassionate, breakthroughs.

What is Energy Awareness Coaching?

In our life, there is a fear-based event that occurs at an early age that shapes our view of life. It impacts who we surround ourselves with, what we say about ourselves, and the professions that we enter. Everything we do or don’t do shaped by this event. And, we don’t even know it.

Energy Awareness Coaching taps into this energy event and resolves it. Stop reacting from fear and start choosing from Love. 

Professional Coaching

Joel works globally with coaches, professionals and leaders to deliver remarkable technology and breakthrough results:


Who am I?

How I Do This – How I Do That

Where I Struggle

How Did I Get Here


Clear Vision

Choose and Create Freely

Individual Coaching

Joel specializes and helps people discover unprecedented breakthrough technology in the areas of:



Health & Wellness


Learning Disabilities

Nuclear Families

Limiting Habits

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