The son of a Holocaust survivor, and the victim of multiple sclerosis, dyslexia, and a lifetime of incriminating self-doubt, Joel has emerged empowered in life’s challenges around health, knowing one’s self, and being free. The insights he shares with his clients, he now shares with you.

Joel is a holistic practitioner of energy awareness, guiding his clients in fulfilling on their lives. His methods lead to a robust self-esteem and a powerful relationship to all of life’s circumstances. Through his experiences, there are breakthroughs for you to discover.

Uncover your limitations in life and gain access to freedom over anything that comes your way. Get to the source of, what it is to be human and the constrained ways of being that we all inherit. The story he shares and the affirmations he offers will open doors for you, leading you to your own path.


Regain Your Power: It takes courage to acknowledge our fear and limitations. Get to the source of what it is to be human and the constrained ways of being that are inherited. Discover unprecedented, compassionate breakthroughs by gaining access to freedom.
Regain Your Power: We live in an age where there are many ways to heal our body. Discover the power to tap into your own healing energy to overcome and create health newly. By tapping into your restorative powers, you will be healed from the inside out.

Regain Your Power: There is an event that happens in everyone’s life and we are never the same. It puts us in “survival mode” and we are not even aware of it. Identify the moment and get complete with its impact. Gain access to choose your life from the energy of love.

Regain Your Power: In most cases, for children with learning disabilities, the emotional and social impact is greater than the learning disability itself. These consequences can have multiple limitations throughout adulthood. By connecting to the energy source of these events, access new freedoms and ways of experiencing life.

Regain Your Power: Why do we choose the people in our life only to un-choose them? Why do so many marriages end up in divorce? People show up in our life energetically to serve a purpose. Become aware of your energy to gain control to attract the right ones.

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